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CUSTOPRINTED was started by Sophia and Daniel, experts with over 20 years of combined experience in the garment decorating industry.

With a focus on quality and customer service, printing apparel is our passion. We strive to make your face masks, bags, and other garments look good.

CUSTOPRINTED was founded on our love for gifting. Whether it is a simple act of service or a physical gift, the correct gifts show you remember and care.

YOU are gifting something that will always be remembered.

Gifting makes us happy too. And for us, it’s able to put a smile on the community’s faces that supports us!


CUSTOPRINTED ensures that its suppliers have high standards by keeping close contact with them through regular visits and controls.

Meticulous care for detail allows CUSTOPRINTED to maintain and continuously develop its production processes and product quality.

CUSTOPRINTED pays close attention to the production of its collections and only uses the best materials and the sharpest designs for its print-on-demand products.

Our factory is located in Delaware, with a team of dedicated professionals. They work hard to make sure your products look great and ship on time.

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